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As a food producer, we have a special obligation towards our customers. Our responsibility is that our fish products are fresh and sustainable when frozen, that our production fulfills the strictest demands of the food industry and our fish products in food stores and restaurants are the best available.
   To fulfill this obligation we carefully ensure the best quality of the fish at every step of the production process, from the sea to the consumer. In this process Quality Management plays a key role. This past year Fiskidjan Bylgja established a procedure of Quality Control and Quality Assurance and we have implemented our own Quality System that we follow in our daily work.
   Fiskidjan Byljga buys only fish that is caught in accordance with "Responsible Fisheries". Our future success depends on our ability to provide quality fish that is traceable form consumer to producer to the coast of Iceland. 




Sustainable, fresh, frozen fish from one of the cleanest and richest fishing grounds in the world

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Our Quality System

Sustainability and freshness are the key when it comes to fish, to ensure that our customers can expect the same high quality products each time. The expectations from buyers and sellers of Icelandic fish abroad, from food stores and restaurants, have increased. Fiskidjan Bylgja is determined to meet these expectations by making sure that we follow the strictest controls in our production process.
   Fiskiðjan Bylgja has implemented a quality control system according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium, Global standard for food safety). We have worked with an external consultant in the food industry, Centrum HACCP, a company that is specialized in implementing quality control in the food processing industry. Certification from BRC is in place.
   A hygienic environment, well trained employees and the cooling process are important to us. We believe that flexibility is our main strength. No product is shipped without final inspection and acceptance from our HACCP group. We guarantee at all times the best quality for our products.

Fiskidjan Bylgja hf deals mainly in 15 different species of fish depending on season and availability. Following is a list of our most common species:


Ocean Perch
Common Ling
Witch Flounder
Common Dab 

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