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From the start Fiskidjan Bylgja has focused on utilizing species such as starry ray, haddock and different types of flatfish. When the older part of the processing plant was built in 1985 there were 20 to 25 employees and the production of flatfish was increased. In the mid nineties witch flounder became the main product. None the less cod is still king in the waters surrounding Iceland and is therefore the main export to customers abroad. After cod the most common product is flatfish and monkfish with other species following.
   A large part of our production goes to customers in the Benelux region in mid Europe. There our frozen products are further developed for consumer use and sold to supermarkets, restaurants and other outlets. In Scandinavia, Sweden for instance, a part of the production goes to supermarkets and restaurants and a part is delivered directly to consumers.



Products and services

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Fiskidjan Bylgja is a partner in The Marine Research Center in Breidafjordur. The research conducted on marine life is to guarantee a sustainable harvesting of the oceans resources. We are committed to continue to develop new products, increasing marine fish production and providing our customers with first class fresh sustainable fish from the cleanest, richest, fishing grounds in the world.

Fiskidjan Bylgja hf deals mainly in 15 different species of fish depending on season and availability. Following is a list of our most common species:


Ocean Perch
Common Ling
Witch Flounder
Common Dab 

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