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The fishing town of Olafsvik is situated on the western end of Snaefellsnes peninsula next to the rich fishing grounds of Breidafjordur. This is where Ivar Baldvinsson started his company Fiskidjan Bylgja in 1977. Ivar began by processing fish species that had largerly been ignored at that time e.g. starry ray and haddock. Ivars pragmatism and efficiency for utilizing marine resources soon turned into a business that today provides between 50 to 70 jobs depending on the fishing season.
   Ivar and the local inhabitants profound respect for the ecosystems on land and sea has earned them international recognition for Snaefellsnes such as "EarthCheck". It is no coincidence that sustainability in food processing is the driving force for Fiskidjan Bylgjas organization. The Marine Research Center VÖR, is one of many projects that the company has initiated.
   A turning point for the company came in 1991 when our association with Pieters Visbedrijf N.V. in Belgium began. Gilbert Pieters and Ivar Baldvinsson met in 1974 when Pieters was looking for fresh fish from Iceland. That was the beginning of a cooperation to provide consumers in mid Europe with fresh sustainable marine products. 
   In 1997 Ivar retired and his son Baldvin Leifur Ivarsson took over the company. In 1998 Gilbert Pieters sold his business and it continues under a new name, Marine Harvest Pieters N.V.



About us

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  • BRC Certification


    Fiskiðjan Bylgja in Ólafsvík has been certified towards BRC.  For the last months we have been working on upgrading our quality system towards BRC in order to strenghten our operations and our company towards our customers abroad.  It is clear that demands from customers and markets are growing towards quality and proof of ...

  • Our new logo stands for the quality and sustainability of our products

    Our blue skatefish gets a makeover. With increasing exports, investments in better technology and quality management, the need for a new, more contemporary logo became clear.  A logo that stands for freshness, quality and shows the origin of our products, i.e. Iceland. It is important that our customers are able to trace the origin of our fish, that is harvested in a sustainable, responsible ...

  • Fiskidjan Bylgja hf receives a HACCP certificate

    In 2010 our product line and methods were certificated by the HACCP standards for the food industry by FAO, (The Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN). HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is especially focused on hygienic and clean ...

Fiskidjan Bylgja hf deals mainly in 15 different species of fish depending on season and availability. Following is a list of our most common species:


Ocean Perch
Common Ling
Witch Flounder
Common Dab 

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